The Council of Kings

Current Members:

The Council of Kings is governing power of a semi-imperial alliance, The Coalition Region, between 13 cities/city-states, each with their own king, and one collection of smaller regions (too small to each have their own king) that is ruled over by one known as the "Uncivilized Ambassador." Four of these cities, Eterlis, Voishan, Leagh, and Sashet, come together to form their own empire with its own emperor who does NOT take part in the Council of Kings. One of these so-called 'kingdoms,' Ashak, is composed of a dragon and her undead hoard; the dragon typically sends a high-level lich ambassador to meetings of the council as a representative, though occasionally she sends a vampire. There are two mainland cities, Gosii and Rasie, both consisting mostly of gnomes. They function as the border between the Council of Kings and Aldor Nation, and as such have a very high military presence. Rasie recently had a civil war and has changed from a king to a president. There are two merfolk nations, Glurrssh and Shallls, that function as the miners, traders, and fisherman of this alliance. They control the most 'land' and money of any city in the alliance, and as such hold a lot of sway. They force anyone who travels through their stretch of ocean to pay them per mile, aventus, aquatic elves, and other merfolk travel at a discount, as do members of the Coalition Region alliance. Citizens of either nation travel between them for free. The city of Tovot, currently ruled by a lizardman psychic warrior, currently controls a large swamp region and is thinking about adding another seat to their ranks due to their increasing size. Anaril functions as a nation of commerce and diplomacy within the alliance. It contains very many raw materials, particularly of the magical variety, and has a unique stance within the region, making it similarly unique within the Council. It has multiple times toyed with the idea of using one of its daughter cities as a second seat for the nation, not because of its increasing population, but because of its money and power. Tovot and Anaril are part of a contested region between the Coalition Region and the Elder Tribes, along with 2 unaligned islands. Avas Major and Avas Minor take up two more of the seats on the council, both controlling regions on the island of Avas, which is the home island of the Aventus and one of the first islands the elves came across and populated during their nomadic period. Avas Major is the capitol city, and also holds the only school of psionics in the northern hemisphere. Avas Major has gotten its position as the capitol city because of its extreme technological, magical, and psionic prowess. This has allowed it to not only control this island, but also allowed it to control many neighboring islands before the Coalition Region was formed as an alliance. Avas Minor is a port city, which has used its nation's technological prowess to draw resources as well as knowledge and culture from the rest of the world. Lastly are the unaligned regions, which are the four remaining islands within the Coalition Region, held together by the "Uncivilized Ambassador."  

Current Member Cities and Their Rulers:

  1. Eterles: currently ruled by the male elf Bawb Efeim
  2. Voishan: currently ruled by the female elf Darllus Samein
  3. Leagh: currently ruled by the female elf Eison Ranje 
  4. Sashet: currently ruled by the female elf Mira Sotte
  5. Ashak: currently ruled by the female black dragon Dominae
  6. Gosii: currently ruled by the male gnome King Ralos Littlefingers
  7. Rasie: currently ruled by the male gnome President Ousie Wideeye
  8. Glurrssh: currently ruled by the merman Alset Glawsh
  9. Shallls: currently ruled by the female aventi The Wisest Grenn Lessihen 
  10. Tovot: currently ruled by the lizardman psychic warrior Master King Zzarias Sasaa
  11. Anaril: currently ruled by the human King Gregor Simian 
  12. Avas Major: currently ruled by the male aventi Governer Rejii Sosoar
  13. Avas Minor: currently ruled by the male elf Governer Teshin Oarsage
  14. Unaligned Isles: currently represented by the male darfellan Glosee Orzzien (The "Uncivilized Ambassador")

(Recent) Past Memebers:

  • The Kingdom of Rasie- after a civil war, now the Presidency of Rasie.
  • The Orzzien Lands who lost their nationhood status after they could no longer pay their taxes to the alliance. (Mostly populated by darfellans)

Governmental Policies/Proceedings:

The council controls/moderates border crossing, military, schools, international crime (between islands), and heinous crime, as well as the governments of the unaligned isles. They meet once a season or, in case of emergency (war, famine, plague, etc), in the capitol building of Avas Major. If a person is not able, or not allowed (as with Dominae), they send a representative to ask for council favours and otherwise speak for their city. The council reaches decision on any matter by vote, with the council chair (always the ruler of Avas Major) functioning as a tie breaker. 

A few laws:

  1. Psionics is, for the most part, illegal without a license.

    1. Almost all of those licensed in psionics are members of the Coalition military. 
  2. All members must pay taxes to the council. If one becomes unable to pay the correct amount in taxes, they lose their seat on the council and become a member of the unaligned regions.
  3. Schools are free for those who obtain a license. Those who do not obtain a license must pay the full (rather expensive) tuition.
  4. The constitution of the alliance dictates that all those who swear allegiance to the alliance, or at least to their member nation, have a right to food, shelter, and clothing. In exchange, those who swear their allegiance must provide services to the alliance. 
  5. The constitution also dictates that all those who are citizens shall be given the right to live life within the law and own property. 

    1. If one disobeys the law severely enough to warrant their imprisonment or banishment, they lose all rights as people and as citizens of the Coalition. If those rights are lost, they must live their life as governed by the state.
  6. The constitution dictates that the military shall only be mobilized on alliance soil or seas if it is requested by member cities.

    1. Any form of war shall be counted as a 'silent request.' 
    2. In the event of a vocalized request being made, the member must provide men and money equivalent to the services requested. 
  7. All citizens shall be given the right to believe as they choose, to gather as they choose, to speak as they choose, and to obtain property (legally) as they choose, unless these actions can or have caused direct harm of another citizen. If any member attempts to infringe on this right, their status will be revoked, and full might of the alliance will brought down upon them. 
  8. Heinous acts such as rape, murder, and torture will not be tolerated and are punishable by death.
  9. Internal politics of each member shall not be infringed upon, unless in accordance with above laws. 


The Council of Kings

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