"Detect ______" Code Reference Sheet

Alignment: Alignments are seen as a sort of glowing aura when put subject to a "detect" spell.

Lawful: Steel gray

Neutral: Absent/no aura

Chaotic: Kaleidoscope- ever changing/flowing colour variation

Good: Lemon yellow

Evil: Royal purple


Magic: Magic, when put to a detect magic spell, also appears as a type of aura, typically one that glows, though not always.

General/Universal Magic: Clear "heat wave"

Abjuration: Baby blue

Conjuration: Pine Green

Divination: White

Enchantment: Rose pink

Evocation: Neon orange

Illusion: Gold

Necromancy: "Black hole" – an aura that is devoid of all colour and light

Transmutation: Blood red


Miscellaneous: There are a few other "detect" spells and abilities that fall neither under alignment or magic.

Undead: Gives off the same black, void aura that necromancy does.

Poison: Appears as a "poisonous" purple vapour.

Strength/state/power: Some detect spells, like detect thoughts or detect animals/plants can also identify the strength of certain things in the current moment, like health or intelligence. In these cases, if the subject is visible, the aura given off will appear a different brightness based on strength, effectively acting rather like a dimmer switch. If the subject is not visible, then this is identified by other means.

Presence: Some detect spells indicate whether or not something is present, but not necessarily where it is. For these situations, how the presence is determined will be situation/circumstance dependent and determined by the DM on a case-by-case basis.

Direction: Some detect spells, like "detect secret doors," can indicate the direction something is in if it is not within line of sight but still within spell/ability range. This will be indicated by a feeling of being 'tugged' in the direction of whatever is being detected.

Location: Some detect spells, like detect plants/animals or detect secret doors, identify the location of what is being sought out if the subject of the spell/ability is within line of sight and within range. For these detections, the object(s) identified and located will emanate something to the effect of white sparkles.

"Detect ______" Code Reference Sheet

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