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Welcome, unwitting adventurers! I'm sure your poor, poor characters will soon be wondering what in the name of all the gods they've gotten themselves dragged into. I do not envy them in the slightest. In any case, this is your wiki! It's going to slowly fill with all kinds of useful information about the game and the world it's in! There's some stuff in here already, but more will come as we continue on. I highly recommend looking through it! What's more- you can even make and edit new wiki pages yourselves of whatever you'd like! Perhaps interesting bits of information you think might be pertinent to note for the whole party, perhaps have a wiki as a sort of "evidence locker" for what you're learning as you move along…or whatever. It is here for your use as you see fit.  

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Custom/House Rules (etc.) References:

"Detect ______" Code Reference Sheet

Extra/Custom Skills

Mad King Experiment Templates: Player Usable

Updated Feats List

About the World/Region:

Druid Groves

The Council of Kings

The Council of Elders

The King's (or Queen's) Secretaries: The Seven and The Nine






Things Discovered/Uncovered:

Writings of Note Found in Zulgg's Journal

Old Text Translation: The Brightest Tablet

Old Text Translation: The Other Brightest Tablet

Old Text Translation: The Flickering Tablet

Ominous Interludes:

Ominous Interlude 1: The Lord of the North Wind Watches

Ominous Interlude 2: A Ritual…

Ominous Interlude 3: Days of Mourning and Celebration

Ominous Interlude 4: A Boy Trapped By Torn Time

Adventure Logs:

Episode 3: The Library

Episode 4: The Dragon Door

Episode 5: Divine Intervention

Episode 6: Violet Lightning and the Harpy's Song

Experience Awards:

Episode 1 (Tenebris in Flames) Experience Awards

Episode 2 (Rain and the Beasts of the Dark Woods) Experience Awards

Episode 3 (The Library) Experience Awards

Episode 4 (The Dragon Door) Experience Awards

Episode 5 (Divine Intervention) Experience Awards

Episode 6 (Violet Lightning and the Harpy's Song) Experience Awards

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