King of the Black Covenant

Episode 9: Experience Awards
The Winding Roads of Peril

Hello all!

We are gathered here once again to deal with the matter of XP! The awards this month are significant as you kicked a lot of ass AND did some spectacular role-playing. Well done!

Before I begin, I need to let Robin and Jareth know that their characters will not be receiving this XP as they weren't part of these encounters. By now you are all at a level where being a level or so off of another player isn't much of a tangible difference, so this won't really hinder you all that much. Regardless, I'm still including you in the email.

As for you, Meghan, I'm including you in the email so that you can start to get used to how I handle things like this for when you join us in September.

If anyone needs to review the session, Kevin has uploaded the adventure log for us as usual.

Now let's get down to business! 

Encounter based XP awards:

-Defeated (brought to 0 or below) 7 of 8 remaining Krenshars: 2,100

-Spared 3 adults and 5 cubs: 990

-Defeated (brought to 0 or below) 4 Displacer Serpents: 2,400

-Spared 5 and healed 3 of those: 3,300

Story/mission based XP awards:  (**Italics represent unchanged, and therefore not included in this session's total XP from the last time progress was made on a long-term goal)

-Survived 2 days in the dark forests on the way to Avix with no party deaths: 100


-Began sorting out what the covenants are/were: 400/?

-Learned how to dispel a ritual: 0/500

-"Free" Zulgg: 0/300

-Figure out who the library belongs/belonged to: 500/700

-Learned who built the oldest buildings in Anaril (the city of Cortonn, the conference hall in Tebre, and now the library): 0/1,000

-Learn who's leading this effort: 0/500

-Figured out what the map is depicting: 500/1,000


Micellaneous XP awards:

Role-playing: From Leroi's panic attack, to Fnipper and Sheg's mercy, to Vince's turning all purple things pink, to Calendra running into a Krenshar den to save her companion Shana, and so many other brilliant scenes, last game day was full of spectacular role-playing and therefore deserves a hefty reward 4,000

-Bonus role-playing XP for showing mercy and compassion, not just being murder hobos: 200


Total XP earned by the party: 13,090

Divide that 6 ways (6 to exempt Thyox and Florence, but to also include Sjach and Sveta and any other NPCs who may travel with the party) to get the total XP per character.

Total XP earned per character: 2,182

If this levels you up and you fell comfortable leveling up on your own (and are in possession of your character sheet) feel free to do so, and in fact PLEASE do so before next game day.

-If you are level 3 moving to level 4, you need a total of 6,000 to reach level 4.

-If you are level 4 moving to level 5, you need a total of 10,000 to reach level 5.

As usual, if you have any feedback for me, please give it!

See you next Sunday! Please remember that June's game day has an adjusted time frame of 7:00am – 3:00pm, as opposed to what you've been accustomed to. We will return to our regular time frame on our July game day scheduled for the first.


-The Mad Queen

Episode 9 Adventure Log- The Winding Roads of Peril

As the ambush of the Krenshars was defeated, some few of the beasts survived along with a few young in a nearby cave. Fnipper, taking pity on the now almost defenseless young, encouraged the group to spare those that could be saved. Sheg, moved to mercy, carried the two surviving unconscious adults back into the cave. In the aftermath of the battle, it was discovered that Florence and Thyox had vanished! Alarmed, the rest of the party took off in search of their missing comrades.

Leroi led the way tracking the missing party members….and whoever or whatever took them. The strange tracks led away from the ambush scene in the same northerly direction the party had been traveling. After a long days search the party camped for the evening in the very best location they could find rather than brave the terrors of the dark forest.

That very evening, with the stars shining perfect in a gorgeous sky, a miracle occurred. The expedition was awoken by the sound of hoof beats. To everyone's shock and wonder, five unicorns approached through the shadowy forest through beams of silver moonlight. One approached Fnipper, and spoke with the voice of The Goddess, praising the Gnome priest for his mercy on the Krenshars. The Goddess gifted him with a mystical red laurel crown in recognition of his righteousness and promised she "would be watching".

Moved to tears of wonder by this miraculous scene, he spent the remained of the evening  creating a masterful drawing of the even he named The Grace of the Unicorns. The drawing itself now glows with a luminous radiance all it's own. As a new day dawned, the expedition once more set out in search of their missing friends.

The next day, the expedition was once again waylaid by beasts of the forest. This time it was evil serpent creature glowing with purple who attacked the party for trespassing. After a sharp struggle, the snake creatures were fleeing the scene, one of their leaders dying and the other wounded. Once more Fnipper showed the grace of his Goddess and negotiated a truce with the remaining leader, and saved its mate from certain death. In turn the serpent agreed to allow the party to pass unhindered.

Still desperate to find their missing friends the party prepared to press on……..

Episode 8 Treacherous Travels

Assigned to travel to Avix, the ancient  and now ruined capitol of the Mad King, the expedition completed their preparations.

On the morning of departure, Zulgg had another episode in what was becoming a dangerous trend. This time he set fire to his bedroll in plain view of numerous commoners who were sharing the infirmary building with him and Thyox. The other inhabitants fled screaming in panic while the Paladin called for aid from his friends who rushed to his aid from where they had encamped on the hillside nearby. With the assistance of Aadam the merchant and his animal friends, they succeeded in bringing Zulgg back under control. Vince meanwhile recruited a random orphan child, Sveta, to help him diffuse the panic in town and spread various rumors to explain the incident to cover for Zulgg and Thyox.

Peace was restored with no casualties, and after a few pranks that saw Shegs hair turn startling colors and Calendra's companion actually bloom flowers, the expedition set forth to do the King's (and the First Secretary's) bidding.

Not far outside the town the party was ambushed by Krenshars! The cat like beasts sprung their ambush, sowing chaos with their howling. The situation further deteriorated when Calendra's Entangle spell proved far more potent than usual, ensnaring friend and foe alike. The battle rages on as the next episode approaches.

Will the expedition defeat the Kreshars? Will they become cat-chow? Will Sheg sprout feathers next? Stay tuned to discover the answer to these and other pressing questions!

Episode 8: Experience Awards
Treacherous Travels

Hello my darlings!

I've managed to be much more timely in the doling out of XP this time! I debated whether to give this to you before or after next game day, as you're in the middle of combat, but for the sake of consistency I decided to do it after this one.

And now for the prizes!

Encounter based XP awards:

-Diffused Zulgg's episode: 300

-Defeated Krenchars (2/?): 600

Story/mission based XP awards:

-Kept Zulgg's cover in the city: 500

-Prepared for & began trip to Avix: 500

Miscellaneous XP awards:

-Role-playing: 3,000

-Utilizing NPCs (bonus subcategory of role-playing): 1,000

Total XP earned by the party: 5,900

Divide that 8 ways (8 to account for any NPCs in the party) to get the total XP per character.

Total XP earned per character: 738


If this levels you up (and you are in possession of your character sheet), feel free to level yourself up before game day. If it does not, sit tight and you'll get there. If it does but you're unsure of how on your own, just wait until game day and myself or one of the other more experienced players can assist. 

Remember you may always role-play out interactions with each other or NPCs via email! Just make sure to Cc me in if it is between PCs!

Also, as usual I humbly request any feedback at all that you may have for me!

Keep your eyes out for an upcoming interlude, and see you on the 20th!


  -The Mad Queen

P.S.- Please note that game day is being carried out at Kevin's, Tate's, and my house in Winslow moving forward. The address if you do not know it is 35 Clinton Ave, Apt 1, Winslow, ME 04901.

Mission Report and Preparation
Episode 7 Adventure Log

The next morning the expedition awoke to a bit of an upset as Zulgg's emotions got the better of him. He had lit his own bedroll on fire and threatened to create even more chaos in his upset state. Sjach was compelled to hypnotize the unfortunate Zulgg to keep him calm while Calendra conjured water to put out the fire.

Following the early morning excitement, the expedition sets forth  at once for Tenebris in order to report their findings and turn in the map, tablets, and curious amulet they discovered. On the way, Fnipper continued trying to learn to communicate with Sjach with little success. At one point in the proceedings, Vince was heard to ask Fnipper why he was calling Sjach a 'feces covered umbrella'…..clearly the language barrier will not be simple to overcome.

Upon arrival at the ruined city, Sheg went at once to report to his tribe the omen he believed he witnessed and to warn them that their god Boccob was in danger. The rest of the party reported to Ancillas, surrendering all the items they recovered and reporting on their findings. The map which Sheg had rendered into pieces was carefully reassembled and examined, revealing numerous concentric rings around several important locations.

Having completed their mission to explore the hidden library of the Orange Covenant, the expedition was assigned a new task by Ancillas. The group is charged with helping determine who is behind all the kidnappings. This effort will also include a survey of dreaded Avix, the ancient and ruined seat of the Mad King. In preparation for their departure, the group pays a visit to the few merchants still in the city. Many of these traders are nothing more than sleazy snake oil salesmen selling 'alchemists fire' that was nothing more than colored water. Sheg sent one of these scurrying away with dire threats. But one merchant clearly stood out from the rest.

Aadam, an exotic merchant hailing from distant and unknown lands, was present along with his bizarre menagerie of animals. His wares were extensive, expensive, and excellent quality. The group spent a great deal of time haggling and bartering with varying degrees of success with the colorful fellow. Leroi in particular did well after striking a cord of sympathy with the merchant who seemed to feel pity for the loss of Leroi's shop which was burned along with most of the rest of the city. Vince, apparently not understanding how bartering works, offered more money than Aadam was even asking, much to the rest of the groups confusion.

Having purchased new supplies and equipment, the Expedition is now prepared for the journey toward Avix.

Episode 7: Experience Awards
Mission Report and Preparation

​Hello again Ancillas's- I mean, King Gregor's hirelings!

Apologies for the long delay in getting XP out to you all! 

I hope you're all having fun so far! Last game session was a ball in my opinion! I hope you all agree! 

And now, for what we're all here for- experience points! Woot woot!

Encounter based XP awards:

-Diffused Zulgg's episode: 300


Story/mission based XP awards: (**Italics represent unchanged, and therefore not included in this session's total XP from the last time progress was made on a long-term goal)


-Gave full report to The First: 500

-Turned in amulet to The First: 50


-Began sorting out what the covenants are/were: 400/?

-Learned how to dispel a ritual: 0/500

-"Free" Zulgg: 0/300

-Figure out who the library belongs/belonged tp: 500/700

-Learned who built the oldest buildings in Anaril (the city of Cortonn, the conference hall in Tebre, and now the library): 0/1,000

-Learn who's leading this effort: 0/500

-Figured out what the map is depicting: 500/1,000

Miscellaneous XP Awards:

-Role-playing: 3,000

-Effective haggling with the merchant (bonus, subcategory of role-playing): 100

Total XP earned by the party: 4,450

Divide that 8 ways (8 to account for Zulgg and Sjach and such) to get the total XP per character.

Total XP earned per character: 557


If this levels you up (and you are in possession of your character sheet), feel free to level yourself up before game day. If it does not, sit tight and you'll get there. If it does but you're unsure of how on your own, just wait until game day and myself or one of the other more experienced players can assist. 

As usual, I ask if you have any feedback at all for me. Compliments, questions, critiques, or what have you. I want to hear it! I want to know how I can do the best for you that is within my ability!

See you Sunday!


-The Mad Queen


P.S.- You do receive this XP, Shay, despite not having been there, as your character contributed, and you will be doing the role-playing things that you missed out on on Wednesday. 

Violet Lightning and The Harpy's Song
Episode 6 Adventure Log

Fnipper, with the divine aid of his goddess, befriends a dragon. Once a black dragon, the creature was transformed both in seeming and in demeanor to become something new. With Vince and Thyox to help with translation, Fnipper spends time getting to know his new draconic ally and learns his name….Sjach. The remainder of the expedition discovers yet another platform with the Eye Sigil on it under the weeds and grass, while Sheg recovers his magical sleep arrow from the murky waters around Sjach's old lair.

While the party was occupied exploring and making new friends, a wandering Avian ranger appeared having heard the disturbance. The newcomer, Leroi, questioned the group as to their intentions….but was suddenly interrupted by a siren song wafting forth from the darkened woods.

Sheg, Calendra, Sjach, and some few of the other expedition members were utterly entranced by the song and wandered off mindlessly to seek the source of the delightful sounds. Vince, fearing the work of Harpies, tried to warn his friends. Fnipper once again attempted fruitlessly to restrain Sheg while Vince, equally unsuccessful, attempted to dispel the charm. Helpless to release their friends, the still aware members of the expedition followed the charmed party members into a carefully laid ambush of Harpies and Assassin Vines!

After a sharp struggle which almost saw the end of Leroi, the vile bird creatures and their sinuous shrubbery were defeated. Sjach blasted the vines with violet lightning and Vince launched sparkling multi-hued fire like Roman Candles at the fiends. Meanwhile Sheg and the others resorted to more conventional weapons to bring an end to the Harpies sinister scheme. Leroi was healed by Fnipper and Thyox while the rest looted the Hapry lair for a small fortune in silver coins, no doubt the scattered wealth of less fortunate victims of the monsters. Deciding not to brave the wilderness in the dark, the group returned to the nearby underground Library to wait out the night and recover.

While encamped back in the Library, Sheg and Leroi revisit the amphitheater. Meanwhile Vince discovers a platinum Eye and Eclipsed Sun holy symbol locked away in a desk junk drawer. Vince attempted to Identify the medallion by arcane means, but his magic could not reveal it's nature. Suspicious, Vince encouraged Fnipper and Calendra to consult with their divine patrons by way of auguries and other divinations. The pair willingly agreed but were met with confused results. Finally the trio of spell casters reached the conclusion that they had perhaps stumbled upon some sort of relic or artifact of unknown powers and purpose.

After resting and recovering, the expedition resolved to return at once to The First Secretary to report their findings and hand over the suspicious medallion.

Ominous Interlude 4
A Boy Trapped By Torn Time

A platinum amulet crafted in such a way that it was the likeness of both the sun and a blooming flower hung about the young woman's neck. Her skin had a slight mahogany tint and her eyes were a green matched only by lush leaves in summer. Across from her stood a tall, handsome, and yet incredibly ordinary man… Lionel, the love of her life. His dusky brown hair complimented his hazel eyes exquisitely. He gazed deeply into the eyes of Jazymynn…his heart and soul, the mother of his son, and warmth flooded his senses. 

They stood in the center of the great conference hall of the Covenants, perfectly centered on massive the depiction of an eclipsed sun on the floor…they were as ants inside a giant's cavern inside the massive amphitheater. Even to the untrained eye, the symbol on the floor bore a close likeness to the one about Jazmynn's neck, though they were clearly not identical. Their little son, no more than six years old and an uncanny likeness of his father, joyously played with his little night wisp friend in the background. They chased each other gleefully across the steps that made up the seating in the massive amphitheater. Night wisps did not often stray far from their forest…but this one had taken a particular fondness to their boy for some reason. Jazmynn suspected it was her mother's blood in him that drew Shar to him…they always did like fey-blooded folk better than most, though ever since she had become the keeper of the amulet they gave her an increasingly wider berth. It was baffling…but someone had to bear it, and Quercus thought it best that it not be himself for some reason. The treant was wise, so Jazmynn hadn't questioned him on it, merely thanked him for the honor.

All three of them wore loose, forest green cloaks, with the sigil and primary proverb of their covenant on it- a symbol matching the one about Jazmynn's neck with the words, "Our Most Sacred Mission- Protection of Nature's Soul," arching above and below it. Despite being indoors, a breeze seemed to play about Jazmynn's robes, her greenish black hair rustling quietly. Her eyes shine brilliantly as she gazes into her husband's eyes and offers out both of her hands, the sleeves of her robe hanging loose about her delicate wrists,

"Shall we?"

Her voice is airy and cheerful…an unbridled curiosity ringing clearly through it. Lionel beams back at her and places each of his hands gently in hers, palms up. The instant he touches her, the breeze playing about her robes begins to play about his, too. Jazmynn closed her eyes and began to hum, gently and quietly at first, and then more powerfully with purpose. Lionel closed his eyes, too, and began an incantation calling upon the spirits of nature to help them draw upon the greater powers present on this isle. 

As time went on, the platinum amulet began to glow a forest green, and soon thereafter became an indescribable amalgam of colours that somehow looked equal parts kaleidoscope and black hole. Some time after that the ground began to quake and a deafening roar could be heard in the distance. For an instant, a flash of fear could be seen in the couple's eyes, and then they blinked out of Time and Reality. 

Their son who had been playing around behind them had been snared by the rift in Time and Reality they had so briefly and foolishly opened. He was frozen mid-stride, flickering in and out of existence while his little night wisp friend flitted about him in an apparent panic. Tears rolled down the blue fairy creature's tiny face as she circled her boy in distress.

The room itself was seemingly untouched. Empty but for the frozen boy, flickering in and out of Time and Reality, his night wisp companion, Shar, and the platinum amulet laying on the ground where Jazmynn had stood. 

It seemed an eternity before any semblance of help finally arrived. A beautiful gold great wyrm swooped into the room and landed beside the distraught night wisp. Sonngrad the Wing offered an upturned claw to the little night wisp, her normally threatening talons seeming somehow gentle in this moment. The tiny creature alighted there, kneeling and weeping still. She had bonded so closely to the boy…she could feel his presence leaving and returning over and over. It seemed to hurt her almost physically. 

"Give it time," the great wyrm said to the tiny night wisp, "it won't be soon…but he will return to us. I'm almost certain. I will ward him so he will be safe in the meanwhile…and you must come home with me. Camellia will be glad to see you while we wait for this rift to release him."

Shar turned up her tiny face to gaze at the great gold wyrm and nodded solemnly. Sonngrad swept a wing beside the boy and the space around him seemed almost to shimmer as a mirage, and he could no longer be seen. Shar could still feel him, though, coming and going. It was all she could do not to fall apart.

Camellia sat a few feet from her small tree, humming quietly to herself while Shar perched solemnly on her shoulder. The little night wisp seldom strayed more than a few inches from the dryad for the past several millennia…her heart had been breaking all that time. Her boy had been flickering in and out of Time and Reality ever since his parents, Camellia's daughter and her daughter's husband, had gotten overconfident and created that rift all those years ago, wiping themselves from Time and Reality and snaring her grandson somewhere between those and whatever else there was.

Somewhere within the grove, Camellia could feel her god moving closer to her. Not long after, the branches before her were shouldered aside and in their place was a mass of sinew and platinum scales. Bahamut's voice rang in clear Sylvan as he brought his head down level with the dryad, his oldest and most devoted cleric,

"I can feel the wards on your grandson in Tebre being shifted. I think something is kicking him from the rift at last. I will send Sonngrad to insure he is dropped back into Time and Reality…not beyond it."

The platinum dragon's blue eyes became an even deeper blue as he spoke, his voice solemn but also encouraged,

"You might soon have your boy back, Shar."

The little night wisp sat up straight for the first time in almost ten millennia and made a short, but clearly hopeful humming noise. In the same instant, a gold dragon could be seen flying above the treetops and away.

Sonngrad assumed a young girl's form as she entered the marketplace that now existed in what was once the great hall of all the covenants. She looked no more than a common, dirty, street waif as she paced along the wall to the place where she had warded the boy all those years ago.

Lifting the wards and glamours she'd put upon him, the boy was visible once more, and still flickering in and out of Time and Reality. The stutter was uneven, now, though. Something had interrupted it…perhaps enough that he could be let loose from the rift's hold. Taking his hand in hers, she poured her energy into breaking him free, and after a time he stumbled and fell down. He looked around him, bewildered. Sonngrad in her girl form picked up the robe that fell loose from his shoulders and onto the ground as if it had been her that dropped it,

"I'm sorry…I didn't mean to bump into you. Are you okay?"

The boy looked up at her and shook his head as if trying to clear it before saying breezily, "I'm just fine…is there anything I can help you with?" His voice was cheerful and carefree, but Sonngrad could tell he was confused…that he didn't remember. Bahamut's voice rang in her head advising her to leave him…let him grow awhile before Shar rejoins him. It is better not to interfere if we don't have to…and there are ways… The voice drifted off, but Sonngrad didn't question it. Bahamut knew what he was doing…she was sure of it, he always had so far.

" I'm okay. I'll try not to knock anyone else over today." Sonngrad made a shy, embarrassed expression and turned and scurried away, headed back to the grove to report. Camellia's grandson still behind her, six years old and not remembering who he is, alone in Tebre. Somehow, though, she was sure he'd make it.

Episode 6: Experience Awards
Violet LIghtning and the Harpy's Song

Hello my adorable squishies! 

Congratulations on thwarting the harpies and the assassin vines, and on finding your first artifact/relic! You ARE certainly crunchy and likely go well with ketchup…but those harpies and vines won't be able to confirm that for themselves. Pity for them, victory for you!

Without further ado, let's allot some XP, shall we?

Encounter based XP awards:

-Assassin vines (2/2): 1800 

-Harpies (2/2): 2700

Story/mission based XP awards:

-Discovered/spotted the incoming teleportation platform: 25/25

-Found the eye/sun sigil amulet: 200

—>Determined its purpose: 20/?

(20 awarded for investigating safety of wearing it and for determining that it's an artifact/relic)


-Began sorting out what the covenants are/were: 400/?

-Learned how to dispell a ritual: 0/500

-"Free" Zulgg: 0/300

-Figure out who the library belongs/belonged to: 500/700

-Learned who built the oldest buildings in Anaril (the city of Cortonn, the conference hall in Tebre, and now the library): 0/1,000

-Learn who's leading this effort: 0/500

-Figured out what the map is depicting: 0/1,000

Miscellaneous XP awards:

-Role-playing: 2,000

Total XP earned by the party: 7645

Divide that 8 ways (8 to account for Zulgg and any other NPCs who might tag along) to get the total XP per character.

Total XP earned per character: 956

If this levels you up (and you are in possession of your character sheet and know how alone) please do level yourself up before next game day (March 25th)!

If you are a person who works, please make sure you request upcoming game dates off if you have not already! The more in advance, the better! As a refresher, we are currently scheduled out through May, the dates being March 25th, April 29th, and May 20th. You can find these dates on the facebook group as events and also on our obsidian portal if you ever forget and need to double check. Alternately, you can check with me directly to confirm. As always, the time frame will be considered 11:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Additionally, going forward every two hours or so on game days I will be implementing 10-20 minute breaks so that people can have a moment to settle down and refocus their energy.

Also, feel free to role-play out any PC/PC or PC/NPC (or more than that) interactions via email! If the interaction is with an NPC, merely email me and describe the scenario and what your character is doing/saying, or with a PC, send it to the appropriate person and CC me in. This is largely just for funzies, but it can help you gain information in some cases, and sometimes I award people things for it. If you're not sure how to approach it, but think you might want to, feel free to ask me! I don't bite. We all start somewhere.

Additionally, trying to put clues together also OUTSIDE of game days, via chats, email, the forum on the portal, comments sections on adventure logs, the facebook group, etc. is encouraged! There's a lot going on in the world around you…and it will need some thinking and collaboration to put it all together! 

That all said, do you all have any feedback for me at all? Compliments, questions, hate mail, letters to the King? I'm always looking for your thoughts and critiques! 


-The Mad Queen

Episode 5: Experience Awards
Divine Intervention

Hello my little nerds and nerdlings! 

Apologies for a once again delayed XP delivery. This game is a little closer to the prior one than I'm accustomed to, and life has been very busy for me lately so I haven't been able to get to it properly until now.

<u>Encounter based XP awards:</u>

-Overcame the threat of the black dragon: 1800


Story/mission based XP awards:

-Found the second "dragon switch": 75

-Transformed the room into its amphitheater form: 75

-Opened the roof: 75

-Found and inspected the dais with the teleportation circles: 60

—>Discovered teleportation circle before activating it: 0/50

-Went through teleportation circle: 60/60


-Discovered/spotted the incoming teleportation platform: 0/25


-Learned how to dispell a ritual: 0/500

-"Free" Zulgg: 0/300

-Figure out who the library belongs/belonged to: 0/700

-Learned who built the oldest buildings in Anaril (the city of Cortonn, the conference hall in Tebre, and now the library): 0/1,000

-Learn who's leading this effort: 0/500

-Figured out what the map is depicting: 0/1,000

Miscellaneous XP awards:

-Role-playing: 3,000

From Vince and Shar's game with Sheg and the torch, to Thyox's emotional episode, to Sheg's interpretation of the sun's light over the damaged eye sigil, to Fnipper praying for aid to his goddess, and everything in between last game session had some excellent role-playing! A nice fat 3,000 XP seems well deserved. 

Total XP earned by the party: 5145

Divide that 7 ways (7 to account for Zulgg) to get the total XP per character.

Total XP earned per character: 735

If this levels you up feel free to level yourself up before game day (if you are in possession of your character sheet and understand how to do it on your own, of course). If it levels you up but you're not sure how to level up on your own, just wait for game day and I'll help you out. Otherwise, just hang in there and have fun gaming on Sunday!

Obviously, this does not apply to you, Tate, but I've included you in the email regardless so that you have the same information everyone else does, and can see how I tend to format things.

All that said, I will ask once again for any feedback for me from you all. Hate mail? Letters to the king? Weird pinup fan art of my NPCs? All is welcome and encouraged!

See you all tomorrow!

-The Mad Queen


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