King of the Black Covenant

Journey to the Hidden Library

The battle with the displacer beasts concluded with the arrival of two new additions to the team Ancillas has sent to explore the hidden library. Vince and Sheg arrived in time to help Fnipper, Thyox, and Calendra finish off the beasts. After beheading the corpses and salvaging what could be recovered from the ravaged bear carcass, the team made a soggy camp in the rain soaked forest. The night passed damp and uneventful.

The next day was still overcast but the rain had at least stopped. The party traveled the remaining distance to the hidden library without incident. Even though the hole into the ruin through which the squad of soldiers had fallen was clearly visible, Sheg fell in anyway. The rest of the group made their way down more carefully and less painfully.

Once the team were all down below, a magnificent and cavernous library was revealed. Huge on a scale similar to other iconic buildings like those a Tebre and the capital, the horde of tablets and scrolls and books seemed mostly untouched by the passage of time. The party spent the day searching the stacks, uncovering and deciphering several texts that some one else had recently disturbed as well. Some notes were recovered at a desk that gave some clues as to the mystery interloper who appears to be working for someone named "Mother".

Working together the adventurer's began to uncover clues about the way magic in the area is being altered and how Zulgg has been enchanted with weakness and fatigue. By the end of the day's work, the team had decided to camp within the library itself. A very large secret door had been discovered rather high up on one of the library's interior walls. It is the group's hope to explore this secret passage once morning arrives.

Ominous Interlude 2
A Ritual...

A figure paces in the dark. It is cloaked in robes as black as night, and shrouded in shadow. The room around the figure is so dark, it might as well be a void. The chamber sounds hollow- footsteps click against the granite floors and echo against the cold, bare walls. As it enters the hall, torches light along the walls as if of their own volition. They throw eerie shadows across the wall in such a way that it almost feels threatening. The flames of the torches dance and lick the stone walls menacingly. The shrouded figure walks on, footsteps still echoing as they continue down the hall.

After some time, the figure reaches the end of the hallway and enters a much more well lit, yet somehow darker room. Miniature campfires form a ring around the massive chamber- large enough to be an amphitheater. Even their breath has an audible echo, now. As the figure enters the massive cavern, six other figures emerge from six other doors, all now facing the center of the room. They, too, are shrouded…yet the first figure seems almost regal, while the others seem submissive. As though synchronized, they bow their heads. The first figure, however, raises its chin higher and slowly lifts its hands to remove its hood. As the black fabric is allowed to fall, a cascade of golden curls becomes visible. Flashing a terrible and beautiful grin, the woman tosses her head back and laughs- it is musical…musical and somehow deadly. She raises her hands into the air above her head, the loose sleeves of her robes falling down and exposing the most pale skin carved with beautifully intricate designs. They have healed as scars do…but are tar black. She begins a chant, and as she does so, the remaining six join her in unison, raising up their arms in a similar fashion. The flames of the miniature campfires against the walls seem to grow taller and more volatile, dancing dangerously about in a kind of eager, vicious mirth. The chant continues on…unending. 

Ominous Interlude 1 (teaser interlude)
The Lord of the North Wind Watches

Lightning crackles through black storm clouds to the north of the isle, a deafening, earth shaking boom coupled with each flash of electricity across the twilight sky. The war has been raging on for months, now. So few are the opposition, yet so great their power. They appear terrifyingly limitless in their magical prowess, their versions of spells somehow often lasting for what might as well be an eternity. They are near invulnerable. Those fighting them fear the war may very well be lost after all. Even the strongest of all those here are sustaining heavy casualties. Angels, demons, dragons, treants, fey, all kinds of people on the ground…citizens of Anaril, of the Coalition Region, of the Elder Tribes…all fighting against this one, great destructor. Calling it an evil would be to understate it grossly, as even many of the most evil beings in existence have answered the call to arms, leaving their home planes and banding together with their mortal enemies to confront this threat. There has only been one other time such a phenomena occurred…and one time was already far too many. It is again wounded, despite having almost healed once more, and it is bleeding. The power they greedily seek to harness may well be their undoing, but if that happens, it will be our undoing as well. Such an event cannot be permitted. 

My children are out there, fighting in this war. Even many of the youngest have joined the cause. I wonder if they know I watch them, that I am proud of them. I mourn the loss of those who have fallen for the sake of this most vital cause. 

Legions of creatures of all kinds have been relentless in their efforts to seize the castle and lay down the King and his reforming covenant for months. They are a menace. Ages ago, I remember when I helped lay them into submission, but it seems even the possibility of my own return to confront them was not enough to smother their greed. They will continue to wreak havoc. I will not yet intervene, however. I believe in them, and I must allow them to fight their own wars…soon, they will prevail. I can sense it. I, however, as always, remain a sentry- guarding the fruit of their old mistakes from being woken once more. 

I turn my head to look over my shoulder at the great tree behind me…which in truth really isn't a tree at all. He's just taking yet another years long nap. My companion all these years, sharing my burden of guarding this isle. I will not return home until I am sure they are safe…all my children, and the others, as well. My seven have remained with me all this time as well. Hidden with me inside the carefully warded grove we share with the treant…my old friend. I wonder how much time he has left before I am left to guard this place alone while the wound heals…

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